David White & Associates understands the many challenges professional athletes, coaches, entertainers and their families face, including the monumental earnings in a brief time frame, the possibility of a short career and long retirement, and the desire to maintain an affluent lifestyle.

We provide comprehensive wealth management services to an elite group of professional athletes, coaches, entertainers and their families.

Athletes will likely earn the majority of their lifetime earnings at a young age. 

We strive to educate and assist you in the process of understanding the complex financial details of your career. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions and give you ultimate control over your financial future.

In a world where many athletes, coaches or entertainers admit to being taken advantage of by family, friends and/or advisors, the question of who can you trust when it comes to money should not be taken lightly.

Working with this elite group of professionals requires a holistic approach – looking at the entire financial picture, not just investments, as they have unique needs that the traditional financial advisor is not qualified to meet.


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Financial planning for athletes